‘Dinosaur’ Brawl Breaks Out Behind Reporter During Live Broadcast

As Hallie Jackson reported from Florida, a couple of dinosaurs brawled in the background. The video quickly went viral — not to our surprise.

MSNBC host Hallie Jackson was reporting live from West Palm Beach, Florida, when all of a sudden, a pair of brawling dinosaurs stole the show.

Now, the internet just won’t stop talking about it.

Jackson — who was covering President Donald Trump's vacation in Palm Beach County — was discussing the new tax law and how Americans have expressed uncertainty regarding how they were going to file this year's tax returns, when all of a sudden, whatever she was talking about was no longer important.

As expected, Twitter users did not disappoint with their quick-witted reactions.

Some even mocked Florida for being an odd enough state where dinosaurs run free, while others were thankful that at least alligators didn't make an appearance.

Thankfully, the "dinosaurs" that stole the show during the live broadcast were not the kind that would force us all to flee, Jurassic Park style.

In any case, the entire hilarious scene made for great television.

Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters/Vincent West

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