Republicans Literally Run Away When Asked If They Read Healthcare Bill

Video footage from MSNBC shows several Republican congressmen dodging the question of whether they actually read the healthcare bill they were voting on.

U.S. President Trump gathers with Republican...

Republican members of congress were so desperate for a “win” that it seems many of them didn’t even bother to read the healthcare bill they voted for and passed on Thursday.

The evidence is in the fact that a handful of congressmen literally ran away from an MSNBC reporter who asked each of them if they read the latest version of the American Healthcare Act, also known as “Trumpcare.”

These men were rushing to cast a vote for a bill that would obliterate the pre-existing conditions protections for millions of Americans, gut Medicaid, and pass a huge tax cut for the wealthy without so much as a second thought about it. 

Ironically, as Alternet points out, the Affordable Care Act went through 79 Congressional Committee hearings and mark-ups before Congress voted on it, yet here we are seven years later and Republicans are eagerly voting on legislation they’ve simply glossed over. 

Buckle your seatbelts, America. We're in for a long four years. 

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