Little Boy Struggling To Take Out The Trash Is All Of Us

A YouTube video of a young boy diligently trying to roll a giant trash receptacle on an extremely windy day is both heartbreaking and hilarious.


Everyone has, at least once, tried tackling a task that was just too much for them.

Oftentimes, instead of asking for help with such tasks, we just keep trying to do it on our own, but to no avail.

This was exactly the case for one young boy who really struggled to take out the trash on a windy day.

The garbage receptacle was at least twice the child’s size, but he handled it fairly well until the lid began to repeatedly fly open and mercilessly slap him over the head.

At one point, the winds became so strong that the can actually began to roll back and as the young boy tried to regain control, it fell over on top of him.

The resilient kid never once gave up. He hopped up quickly and faced off with the can yet again.

For 45 seconds the boy gets knocked around, and although seeing his struggle causes you to want to leap through the screen and save him, it makes for a great and much-needed laugh.

The ordeal can also be viewed from a metaphorical lens, as life itself can feel like it is beating up on us in the way that this trash bin is overpowering the boy.

No matter how much we keep chugging along, we just keep getting slapped in the face.

It’s unclear whether or not the boy successfully defeated the unruly trash can, but his incredible perseverance is noble.

Banner Photo Credit: YouTube Screengrab

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