Restaurant Owner Claps Back At Rude TripAdvisor Reviewer

A restaurant owner in Ireland brilliantly takes down a TripAdvisor reviewer who unfairly left a negative review about his restaurant.

While crowd-sourced review services such as Yelp and TripAdvisor can come in handy, guiding customers to and from good or bad businesses, they also can backfire when the reviewer uses it for evil rather than good.

Or at least this is what happened when an Australian tourist left an unfairly scathing review of restaurant Eala Bhan in Sligo, Ireland, Mashable reported. The negative review wasn't based on the service or food, but was about the reviewer leaving his jacket and glasses at the restaurant and not receiving it in a timely fashion.

"The food was quite reasonable, however we were extremely disappointed to find that the operator lacked integrity," the reviewer, who gave the restaurant three stars out of five, said.

According to the review, the diner called the owner of the restaurant, named Anthony Gray, and gave him his credit card number so that Gray could ship the jacket back to the owner. But apparently the owner took too long.

"When it did not arrive within a week or so, I re-emailed twice with no response," the reviewer wrote. "My wife and I have since returned to Australia, short of one jacket and one pair of glasses. Bottom line is food might be okay, but integrity is seriously lacking."

This review wasn't about to fly with Gray, who replied back with the best response. "I should have done a Joe ninety on it and hot tailed it up to the local post office and made your jacket a priority but unfortunately these things don't always happen the way you may have planned," Gray started. He continued by explaining that his wife is six months pregnant and not only is Gray running two restaurants, but he has three children to take care of too.

According to Gray, the windbreaker is en route free of charge to the diner.

Eala Bhan has a 4.5 rating with more than 900 reviews.

"Next time you feel like writing a review for a restaurant try to remember us for our qualities, which we provide in the abundance of good locally sourced food, wine, atmosphere, at least that's what we hear consistently from our customers," he said, which serves as a reminder for anytime a customer writes a review of an establishment.

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