Restaurant Owner Fires His Son After He Insulted Customer’s Weight

A Rhode Island restaurant owner maintains that he does not condone the actions of his son who wrote an offensive remark on a customer’s receipt.


Restaurant servers leaving insulting remarks on peoples’ receipts is nothing new, but one recent incident led to a restaurant owner having to fire his own son.

Dillon Arnold was dining at The All Stars Bar & Grill in Warwick, Rhode Island. Upon receiving his bill, he saw that his waiter had typed his name as “Fatty” on top of the receipt.

It’s a wonder why the server would risk getting himself into trouble by leaving the note, but he likely thought Arnold wouldn’t notice or he forgot to delete it before printing the bill.

According to Mashable, Arnold posted a since deleted photo of his receipt with the insult on his Facebook page and expressed his frustration.

"I'll never go to All Stars on Airport Road again. I usually don't care, but this bs got me offended," Arnold's deleted post read. "[The server] legit id me as 'fatty' then he wouldn't admit it. They lost mine and my friends [sic] business."

Once the restaurant’s owner, Tony Ambrosio, caught wind of this incident he discovered that his own son was the cruel waiter who left the offensive epithet on the bill.

Ambrosio told local reporters that he fired his offspring on the spot and that he is no longer even allowed on restaurant property.

“That’s not me. That’s not what I teach my children, employees, or my kids. I hold them all accountable,” Ambrosio reportedly said.

Ambrosio posted an apology on the restaurant’s Facebook. His son supposedly did the same on his personal account, but deactivated it after receiving threats. 

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