Restaurant Plans To Fight Violence With A Gun-For-Pizza Exchange

Indianapolis resident Donald Dancy plans to ameliorate gun violence in the city by offering a gun exchange program in coordination with local police.


A pizza restaurant owner on the east side of Indianapolis, Indiana has a new proposition to make his neighborhood a safer place.

Donald Dancy, owner of D & C Pizza, told local ABC affiliate RTV6 that since opening his business in 1980, he has been robbed at gunpoint, shot, and continues to see an increase of violence in the area.

He has suggested that a person can drop off their illegal gun at his pizza shop—no strings attached—in exchange for a free extra-large pizza. The gun will later be confiscated by police.

Recalling how he came up with the idea to get rid of illegal guns in the neighborhood, Dancy said that whenever he hears about yet another shooting happening in Indianapolis, he thinks that he could help out somehow through his business.

He said, “Maybe I could have helped them. Maybe I could have gotten that gun off the street. Every one of these crimes, mainly with these kids, I said, ‘If I could reach them with a pizza, I could save a life. I’ve got that in my heart, in my mind, that I could do it.”

In order to curb violence, Dancy is working with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff’s Department to make sure that his proposition abides within the law.

Dancy further explained how the gun-for-pizza exchange will work in practical terms. He said, “I’m not going to be asking questions because you brought me a gun. You don’t even have to have a pizza. If you just want to leave it here, I’ll call police and that’s all the questions I need to ask.”

The restaurant owner’s bid to improve the safety of his neighborhood is commendable, and hopefully his benevolent actions will inspire other business owners to follow suit.

Considering that Dancy is a victim of gun violence himself, it is uplifting to see him respond in such a positive way.



Photo credit: YouTube screenshot, RTV6 | The Indy Channel

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