Angry Rio Bus Driver Rams Car Through Traffic

None of the bystanders on the sidewalk came forward to stop the angry bus driver, but simply continued taking videos and watching the scene.

Having to crawl through traffic can bring out the worst in anyone.

In a recent incident, a Rio bus driver lost his cool with one car driver who was blocking his way. Wanting to get past the car, the angry man did something that could qualify for a gold medal on its own in the “road rage” category.

He managed to shove, what appears to be a Rio Taxi, in front of him for quite a distance with the front of his vehicle. As he pushed the white car forward, the bus, managed to scrape against another vehicle approaching in the opposite direction.

Bystanders on the sidewalk watched on as the bus made its way on the busy road producing a screeching noise. Apparently, the car being shoved forward was trying to use its breaks in an attempt to resist the push forward, but obviously failed to do so, since the bus was much larger and exerted more force.

The vehicle ended up being pushed until it disappeared out of the view of the camera. A lot of noise from people in the background can be heard in the video, who were probably commenting on the crazy display of road rage taking place in front of them.

There has been no follow up on the incident so one cannot be sure if authorities got involved later and took any action against the bus driver.

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