Rivers Of Blood Flooded Dhaka’s Streets After Eid Animal Sacrifice

Blood ran through the streets of Bangladesh’s capital after Eid ceremonies of animal sacrifice combined with torrential rains.

For Muslims worldwide, the days of Eid-al-Adha celebrations are a time of religious reflection and spent with family and friends.

As tradition goes, animals such as cows, sheep, and goats are ritually sacrificed and the meat is lovingly shared with neighbors and those in need.

In Dhaka, however, this holy ceremony turned into a municipal apocalypse when the city encountered heavy rains following the sacrifices. The wet weather caused blood and animal entrails to flood the roads. While the city is no stranger to flooding, the timing of this particular rainfall created a rather unusual disaster.

The city’s poor drainage systems caused a hygienic nightmare for Dhaka’s residents, as the leftover blood and body parts from the animal sacrifices dirtied the excess rain water while it collected in the streets.

According to The Guardian, city authorities had designated certain “drop-off” locations for people to bring the remains of the animals that needed to be discarded.

But, most people tended not to use these collection points and threw away the entrails at their own homes, which only worsened the waste management problem.

By Wednesday morning, most of the flooded waters had subsided, but local media reported that the roads still had a red-tinged hue. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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