Ruffians Attack MMA Fighter In Road Rage Incident, Regret It Instantly

Two thugs try to beat a man with their fists and a bat until they realize he is an MMA fighter.

A video of an MMA fighter, who took two thugs by surprise, is going viral on the internet for all the right reasons.

According to the dash cam footage, which was reportedly recorded in April, two unidentified men can be seen driving in a car in front of the MMA fighter’s Peugeot 206. Apparently, they didn’t like that he honked at them.

The situation escalates.

One of the thugs comes out of his car and tries to intimidate the unknown Peugeot 206 driver, abusing him and showing him a bat that he collected from his car’s trunk.

This turns out to be a mistake as the thug soon learns the driver is a trained fighter.

The two men experience instant karma — and a chokehold — as the trained martial artist teaches them an unforgettable lesson.

Watch the video above and find out what happened next.

Thumbnail Credits: Pixabay, Claudioscott

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