Robert Mugabe’s Family Flaunts Wealth As Zimbabwe Starves

Mugabe’s sons, wife and nieces have not hidden their privileged lifestyles either and regularly post about their hedonistic way of life on social media.

Robert Mugabe and his wife

Zimbabwe makes the list of top 25 poorest countries of the world. And it’s obvious why its condition is not improving.

Family and friends of Robert Mugabe — the president who refused to step down even after his own political party kicked him out — show they have made a bed of roses upon the sufferings of Zimbabweans.

Mugabe and his family have enjoyed great personal wealth as his country declined further and further into economic crisis. The dictator is allegedly worth more than $1 billion, despite his country being one of the most impoverished ones.

Zimbabwe news outlets revealed Mugabe amassed wealth with the help of Zimbabwe’s diamond deposits. The tyrant’s luxurious blue complex in Harare — which is reportedly worth $9 million — has more than 25 bedrooms, a multi-million dollar radar system and two lakes. Mugabe also has many houses all over the world, including in Malaysia and Hong Kong. He reportedly also has property in Switzerland and the Channel Islands.

According to a WikiLeaks report, Mugabe has assets worth $1.75 billion invested outside Zimbabwe. The 93-year-old politician has repeatedly been accused of stealing from the country’s taxpayers and grabbing 15 acres of land during land seizures in the late '90s.

Mugabe’s sons have not hidden their privileged lifestyles either and regularly post about their hedonistic way of life on social media.

Robert Mugabe Jr., 25, who studied at the school of architecture at American University in Dubai, posted pictures of his boots he claimed were worth $17,000. He also showed up in a car that resembled a Batmobile to one of his classes. He also had the privilege of traveling in a luxury jet with gold interior, wearing gold-plated alligator skin trainers.

His younger brother, 21-year-old Chatunga Bellarmine, is just as worse, if not more so. The young man posted a video of himself hosting a pouring a $400 bottle of Armand de Brignac gold champagne on his $60,000 diamond-encrusted Rolex watch.


Despite the criticism, Mugabe Jr. once brazenly said, “They keep on talking, we keep on rolling.”




Mugabe’s stepson is also reaping the benefits. In September this year, Mugabe’s wife Grace’s eldest son Russell Goreraza, 33, brought two Rolls Royce limousines into the broke country.

As for Grace herself, she has earned the nickname of “Gucci Grace” because of her own expensive tastes in designer wear. She reportedly spent $131,000 in a single shopping spree in Paris in 2003. She also reportedly has a multimillion dollar property portfolio.

Mugabe’s favors extended to his extended family as well. Phillip Chiyangwa, who is a nephew of the tyrant, is in very good graces of Mugabe and is worth $280 million. Two of his children, Ellen Vannessa Chironga and Michelle Chiyangwa, are known as the “Zimbabwe Kardashians” and love to spend their daddy’s fortune. The 28-year-old women love to share barely clad photos of themselves in luxury yachts and silver-plated Rolls Royce.



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Zimbabwe is suffering from a disastrous financial and economic crisis, despite being home to gold, diamonds, platinum and nickel. Once considered the breadbasket of Africa, Zimbabwe’s agricultural production plummeted after land reforms of the late '90s and early 2000s. This caused investors to flee and turned the bread basket into the current economic disaster.

The crisis led to the unemployment of nearly 90 percent of Zimbabweans, the collapse of the public sector and scarcity of cash.

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