Chinese Robot Sends Human To Hospital In Crazy Accident

Household android Xiao Pang, AKA Little Chubby, wounded the ankles of a man attending a tech fair in China. This marks the first robot-human injury incident in the country.

The future is here, and it's a little frightening.

It's a tale that belongs in a sci-fi AI flick: In China, a robot named Xiao Pang ("Little Chubby") intended for household use injured an actual human amid the High-Tech Fair in the city of Shenzhen. This is the first time an android has caused bodily damage to a human in China. 

Little Chubby also shattered glass of a nearby booth after the robot's operator accidentally hit Forward instead of Reverse, People's Daily Online reports. The glass cut the ankles of the injured man. 

Look how forlorn Little Chubby is. He obviously knows he did something wrong.

The wounded man, who in a viral photo appears on a stretcher, was treated both at the fair and hospital. He received stitches and was released from the facility. 

The event organizer insists the minor casualty was just the result of a human mistake, and that seems to be the case. 

The incident, however, certainly incites concern. One slip of the finger, and these androids are strong enough to break glass. What's next?

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @ReportUK

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