Robot Stages Great Escape And Ends Up Causing Traffic Jam

A robot developed in Russia found its way out of its testing area and into the street where it caused a minor traffic jam when its battery died.

A runaway robot caused a bit of chaos in Russia after somehow escaping from its testing facility.

"Our engineer drove onto the testing ground and forgot to close the gates," Oleg Kivokurtsev, co-founder of the company that made the robot, reportedly told RT. "So the robot escaped and went on his little adventure."

The robot named “Promobot” was built to help in the customer serviceworld. Apparently, the bot wasn’t too thrilled about his job because he tried to get far away from it.

Although the Promobot is only programmed to move at three miles per hour, it took a team of humans 45 minutes to realize it had disappeared, according to Mic.

Along the robot's journey, he made a bit of a stir by causing a traffic jam after his battery died while he was in the middle of the road.

A video clip posted to YouTube shows officers surrounding the machine, making sure traffic goes around it.

Eventually, Promobot made it back home safe and sound. Kivokurtsev reportedly claims that “everything is all right” and the robot is “happy and smiley” after the whole ordeal. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Pixabay, 0532-2008

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