Rogue Turkey Crashes Into SUV Windshield

"The 30 pound Tom was killed on impact and fortunately the family only suffered minor cuts from the glass," La Porte County Sheriff's Office wrote on Facebook.

What do you do if you're driving a car down a highway and a wild turkey suddenly collides with your windshield, effectively shattering it and killing himself in the process?

Most sensibly, you remove yourself from the vehicle and call local authorities. This is what one New Jersey family did after a 30-pound tom wreaked havoc on their rental SUV about 25 miles west of South Bend, Indiana, The Huffington Post reports

The incident occurred at around 9:30 a.m. on March 28. Incredibly, no one in the Tarabocchia family was hurt, although the turkey literally impaled himself through the windshield on highway U.S. 20. 

John Tarabocchia, his son, wife, and mother-in-law were paying a visit to his daughter at the University of Notre Dame, where she had been accepted.

“I've been a policeman for 31 years and I’ve never seen something like that,” La Porte County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Michael Kellems said to The Huffington Post.

In a Facebook photo montage detailing the incident, the La Porte County Sheriff's Office wrote, "Mating season for wild turkeys means that they are often on the move and can be as hazardous as deer."



Hazardous, indeed. U.S. 20 drivers, beware of the rogue toms. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr user Larry Smith

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