Rosie O’Donnell Morphs Herself Into Steve Bannon In New Twitter Photo

Rosie O’Donnell appeals to fans’ hopes of her one day portraying Steve Bannon on “Saturday Night Live” with her new, creepy Twitter profile picture.

Rosie O’Donnell may have sealed the deal on her bid to soon play President Donald Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, on “Saturday Night Live” (SNL).

With the help of some pretty realistic Photoshop tricks, O’Donnell morphed herself into Bannon and uploaded the cringe-worthy photo as her new Twitter profile picture on Thursday.

Melissa McCarthy’s hilarious portrayal of White House press secretary Sean Spicer last week received kudos and praise from viewers who were thoroughly impressed and entertained.

The sketch was also commended for getting a rouse out of Trump, who was reportedly bothered by the fact that Spicer was portrayed by a woman.

Continuing on this path of giving a metaphorical middle finger to Trump’s misogyny, O’Donnell has generously offered her services to impersonate the white supremacist, holy war advocate pulling Trump’s puppet strings.

It has yet to be confirmed if SNL actually plans on bringing this character to life, but fans are certainly gunning for it — particularly after seeing O’Donnell’s new “transformation.”

If Trump has an issue with this idea, he should just look back on all the names he has called O’Donnell in the past, including “fat,” “pig,” and a “degenerate.” Based on Trump’s assessment of her, she is actually more than a perfect fit to play Bannon. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Bannon - Reuters/ O'Donnell - Wikimedia Commons, chattingjason (Jason Chatting)

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