Roy Moore’s Islamophobe Lawyer Implies Muslim Host Would Date Teens

Garmon instantly assumed a brown-skinned person named Ali would be sympathetic to older men who assault assaulting children — because he is that ignorant.



The attorney for Alabama's GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore suggested on MSNBC that a Muslim host’s background helps people understand why someone would date underage girls.

Moore has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault when they were just in their teens. The Republican Senate candidate told reporters he did not remember dating any woman “without the permission of her mother.”

Attorney Trenton Garmon — who came up with the bizarre phase “easy peasy Lemon squeezy” with regards to a Don Lemon interview last week — was questioned by MSNBC’s hosts Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi about this fact: “Why would he [Moore] need permission from any of these girls mother if they weren’t underage?”

In response to Ruhle’s question, Garmon referred to Velshi’s “culture.”

“That’s a good question,” Garmon replied. “Culturally speaking, I would say there’s differences. I looked up Ali’s background and, wow, that's awesome that you have got such a diverse background.”

“What does Ali’s background have to do with dating a 14-year-old?” Ruhle interrupted.

“Sure, in other countries there’s arrangements through parents,” Garmon insisted.

When Ruhle reminded him that Velshi was from Canada, Garmon stated, “Ali has also spent time in other countries.”

“So have I,” Ruhle quipped.

“I don’t know where you’re going with this,” chimed in an understandably confused Velshi.

Velshi’s is a Muslim of Indian descent but he grew up in Canada and was born in Nairobi, Kenya. In a stereotypical and racist fashion, Garmon instantly assumed a brown-skinned person named Ali would be sympathetic to, or even endorse, older men assaulting children — because he is that ignorant.

Not only was Garmon willing to excuse the behavior of a Senate candidate based on the dubious fact the practice was commonplace with people of “diverse background,” he is doing so in defense of a man whose campaign strives to incite hate against immigrants, particularly Muslims.






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