Rugby League Player Pulls Off The Most Spectacular Celebration Fail

The New South Wales Blues’ big-man, Aaron Woods, celebrated the State of Origin victory try with a ridiculously hilarious nose-dive on the field.

Who knew celebratory hugs could be so dangerous?

Rugby league player Aaron Woods experienced an embarrassing moment on Wednesday after his team, the New South Wales Blues, scored a match-winning miracle try in the final minute of the third Origin clash in Sydney, Australia.

After player Michael Jennings made the incredible solo try, Woods leapt towards his elated teammates to celebrate the momentous moment. However, his attempt at a celebratory high-five turned into a tale of caution as he flew through the air in a gravity-defying swing and ended up falling face down in the field.

Here is the nose-dove, with all the glory of billowing locks and flailing arms, from another angle.

“Oh mate, I've never jumped that high in my life,” the Blues’ big-man told Fox Sports in a post-match interview. “The amount of airtime I got, it gave the boys enough time to get out of the way.”

Unsurprisingly, the internet soon turned the poor guy into a meme:






“I’ll have to cop it for a long time now,” Woods added. “I tried to lay on the ground and put my arms up like nobody had seen it, but about 65,000 people here didn’t miss it.”






SLAM DUNK !!! #airjordan

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Although the fall looked incredibly painful, Woods regained his balance with a forward roll before slipping back into celebrations.

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