Uber Plows Through Gas Pump, Turns Into Massive Fireball

An SUV driving by an Uber drive caused an explosion at a Seattle gas station after it rammed through one of the gas pumps at high speed.

CCTV footage from a Seattle gas station captured the dramatic moment a high speed Uber crashed into a gas pump, resulting in an explosion.

According to news sources, the 2007 Nissan X-Terra was speeding before the crash.

The out-of-control vehicle , hopped a curb, drove through a parking lot and hit a Honda Accord before entering the gas station. The Accord was knocked off the road, after which it hit a tree and split in half, seriously injuring the driver.  

The SUV then careened into the gas station where it drove between two pumps, but eventually crashed into the third, and blew up in flames. The 40-year-old passenger was rushed to hospital so she could be treated for injuries, while firefighters worked on putting out the flames in the meantime.

So far, the cause of the crash remains unclear. Witnesses say the SUV did appear to apply its brakes, but a blown tire might have caused the vehicle to get out of control.The 60-year-old Uber driver was tested for DUI and a blood sample was drawn for further investigation.

“Our hearts and thoughts go out to all of those involved in this terrible accident and the driver has been removed from the app,” said an Uber spokesman Tracey Breeden of the incident.

Check out the dramatic footage of the incident above.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Aly Song

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