Teenage Wrestler's Bodyguard Pulls Gun On Winning Opponent

You win some, you lose some. But apparently, sportsmanship doesn’t come naturally to all and some don’t take losing quite so well.

Seventeen-year-old Rukman Ahmethanov can’t take defeat well. Perhaps it has something to do with being a millionaire father’s spoiled brat.

Instead of shaking his opponent's hand during a wrestling match in Chechnya, Russia, the teenager kicked him in the stomach and started a ruckus. What’s more, as people tried to pull him off, one of his bodyguards pulled a handgun and started threatening the winner.

Victim and winning wrestler Magomedemin Ibragimov said: "After the fight was over and I won, he jumped on me."

"This is a terrible, intolerable situation," said Russian Wrestling Federation president Mikhail Mamiashvili."The Russian Wrestling Federation will lead an internal investigation, as a result of which the initiator of the fight will get a lifelong disqualification.

"Such behavior shows no self-respect, but also to the children who attended the competition," he added.

Watch the dramatic incident in the video above.

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