Russian Mobsters Arrested For Trafficking 10,000 Pounds Of Chocolate

An organized Russian crime ring was busted in New York City for various offenses, the most bizarre of which included smuggling stolen chocolate.

This certainly has to be among the most deliciously bizarre crimes to date.

Approximately three-dozen organized crime affiliates were taken down by the Feds in Manhattan for trafficking batches of illegal cigarettes as well as five tons of stolen chocolate, the New York Post reports.

According to court documents, the 32 men transported 10,000 pounds of chocolate and hordes of cigarettes worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Additionally, the men were accused of other crimes one might expect mobsters to commit, including a murder-for-hire conspiracy, running an illegal poker operation, and trying to coerce a female associate to chloroform someone so they could rob him.

The whole smuggling chocolate thing, however, is still a mystery. Who knew the candy business was so booming?

Apparently, the sweet treats were sold back in March to a “confidential government source” who had been “negotiating the purchase of stolen goods and firearms at the direction of law enforcement,” the New York Post notes.

Best described by United States Attorney Joon Kim, the wide-ranging offenses these men allegedly carried out are a “dizzying array of criminal schemes.”

Wednesday’s bust marks “one of the first federal racketeering charges ever brought against a Russian ‘vor’” (or mob boss), Kim added.

More than two-dozen members of the crime ring have been tied to an organization called the Shulaya Enterprise run by Razhden Shulaya and his alleged co-boss Zurab Dzhanashvili. 

The most humorous part of all this is that despite the many serious crimes these men have committed, they're going to be remembered by the public for stealing thousands of pounds of chocolate. 

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