Man Reportedly Becomes First Brit To Catch All Pokemon

The 32-year-old “Pokemon Go” fanatic walked about five marathons (225 kilometers) in his quest to catch ’em all.

Sam Clark, a resident of Southampton, United Kingdom, is claiming to be the first in his country to have caught all 143 Pokemon in the viral augmented reality game “Pokemon Go.”

Interestingly, while the 32-year-old has gained a lot of fame and fictitious animals, he has also lost a whopping 28 pounds. He has walked 140 miles, the distance of about five marathons.

“It has helped me lose two stone — something I had been struggling with. I broke my neck in a car accident in 2008, which made me pile on weight. But the game has really encouraged me to get outdoors and shift it. I can now get into a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to wear for six years!” Clark said.

The father of four, who is also an engineer, walked around for nearly “every waking hour” looking for Pokemon.

"I am not obsessive, I have a full-time job, I have a wife and four kids, it's just fun,” he added. “I didn't do it for the kudos, I reached 100 and thought I would carry on to see if I could get all of them and I put up the video to see if I was the first in the country and it appears I am because no one else has come forward."

While numerous incidents of people ending up in accidents and in dangerous situations due to “Pokemon Go” have surfaced the internet, Clark claims the game actually makes one more aware of their surroundings. He dismissed the claim that the app actually puts people in danger.

He has documented his achievement in the game in a video on YouTube.

Check it out above.

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