Scary Moment: Woman's Note 7 Replacement Starts Smoking In Her Hand

Samsung's troubled Galaxy Note 7 has been subject to a mass product recall after reports of exploding batteries started flowing in from all over the world.

CCTV video shows Honolulu resident Dee DeCasa carrying a smoking phone, not knowing what to do and her husband rushes to help her.

She was looking at the Samsung website on her new Samsung Note 7 replacement when it suddenly started smoking.

"Then boom, there was like a pop," she said. "I had it in my hand and then smoke started spewing out, this green yucky thing."

They put it in an aluminum pan and called 911. It was still smoking 20 minutes later when the police arrived.

"We are engaged with the DeCasa family to ensure we are doing everything we can for them," Samsung spokesman told a local news channel.

DeCasa confirmed the company had promised to send a representative to examine the phone.

Samsung also admitted that at least five replacement phones have exploded.

Samsung has been forced to halt sales of its new Galaxy Note 7 after dozens of users complained about batteries exploding.

The device has been banned by the Federal Aviation Administration, who advised "passengers not to turn on or charge these devices on board aircraft and not to stow them in any checked baggage."

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd recently announced the replacement of all its Galaxy Note 7 phones after customers. However, if this is the result of those replacement devices, people should rather be without one.

 As far as Dee DeCasa is concerned, her romance with Samsung is over.

"I love the phone, but will I buy another one? Heck, no."

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Edgar Su 

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