Saudi Announces London Arrival With A Fleet Of Gold Cars

A Saudi Arabian tourist paraded a fleet of gold cars across London this past week.



A young man from Saudi Arabia made his arrival in London an incredibly ostentatious affair has he paraded four cars wrapped in gold vinyl across the city.

Along with the four gold cars were a Lamborghini worth $500,000 and a Mercedes worth $370,000.

According to CNN, the cars are estimated to be worth $1.8 million, and the unidentified Saudi Arabian man and his entourage have been driving them around London all week.


The cars were photographed outside the five-star Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park hotel, which, on its website, boasts 'world-famous restaurants' and a 'stunning spa'

Posted by Khaleej Times on  Tuesday, March 29, 2016




As for how he managed to bring the vehicles to London, Metro UK notes that, “It’s believed that owners pay in excess of £20,000 ($22,000) to fly their vehicles on a 3,000 mile journey to London – offered by airlines such as Qatar Airways.”

This extreme, almost grotesque display of wealth from Saudi Arabians is nothing new; many people from the Middle Eastern country have traveled to Europe and spent time engaging in massive parties (along with behavior that is frowned upon in Saudi Arabia).


A gold Mansory Bentley Flying Spur worth £220,000 was spotted parked up on the streets of London's wealthiest borough

Posted by Khaleej Times on  Tuesday, March 29, 2016



The vehicles include a £370,00 Mercedes six-wheel off-roader (pictured), which looks more suited to the sand dunes than the congested streets of Kensington

Posted by Khaleej Times on  Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Similar incidents have also occurred in Los Angeles. Just last week, a Saudi prince was sued after causing $300,000 of damages at a Hollywood mansion during a huge bash.

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