Reckless Saudi Daredevil Stops Car On Edge Of 3,500-Meter Mountain

Calling this Saudi driver reckless is an understatement.

Saudi Daredevil Stops

Pictures of a Saudi man standing beside his car at the edge of a steep mountain side have taken Twitter by storm.

The photo has apparently been taken at the height of 3,500 meters on a mountain called FIfa in the city of Jazan, Saudi Arabia.

Car On Edge

The too-scary-to-be-true pictures even made it to a local newspaper with a caution for youngsters not to try something like this on their own. 

When it comes to driving, Saudis may not like the idea of their women driving, but the guys are a daring breed themselves.

Desert highways as well as city streets often see daring maneuvers and stunts, usually carried out by boys hardly out of their teens.

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