Saudi Man Jailed For Kissing Girlfriend During Driving Lesson

In Saudi Arabia, public display of affection and meeting of unmarried couples — in public or private — is considered “haraam” under Sharia Law.


Despite declarations of a modernized Saudi Arabia, there are some acts, considered very normal in the western society, which could land one in serious trouble in the kingdom.

Although the secluded kingdom has made some significant changes to age-old discriminatory laws — like allowing women to drive — things like public display of affection are still a complete no-no.

And a video of a couple doing just that sparked nation-wide outrage.

Saudi Twitter users went berserk after footage of a man kissing his supposed girlfriend made rounds on social media. The video, captioned “teaching her how to drive,” featured the couple driving around in a car on allegedly one of Jazan's highways.

After the video went viral, Saudi authorities ordered for the immediate arrest of the couple because of the “explicit” content of the video.

The man was reportedly arrested days after the governor of the kingdom's Jazan governorate, Prince Mohammad bin Abdel Aziz, directed the authorities.

In Saudi Arabia, public display of affection and meeting of unmarried couples — in public or private — is considered “haraam” under Sharia Law and could result in serious repercussions.

Many commended the local authorities for swift action against the couple for breaking the “moral code.”


“Lack of modesty, I hope they're both caught soon, let them be thrown in jail for a few years so that they learn some respect and manners,” one Twitter user fumed.


“We must stop spreading of such activities and make this arrest a lesson for everyone,” another user commented.

While others defended the video, saying it could be personal footage that was mistakenly broadcasted.


“A man and his girlfriend, what's the problem? Maybe they're newly married and this is a video they were trying to send to his or her family and it went out to someone else by mistake,” the Twitter user wrote.

However, if the couple in the video are found to be unmarried, strict punishment awaits them as under sharia law, relationships outside of marriage are considered to be sinful and liable for legal action.

Such incident may spark outrage in the Western world but arrests of unmarried couples in the kingdom, is quite the norm.

In early 2018, a couple was arrested after they were found together in a car. The man and woman were “charged” with having an “illicit” relationship.

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