Young Artist Uses The Destruction Of War To Create Images Of Hope

A young artist is spreading messages of hope and peace by transforming images of rising smoke from the Yemen war into brilliant pieces of artwork.

There can be no match to in the atrocities taking place in Yemen, but a lack of media coverage means people remain ignorant on the matter.

When the Arabs with their high-tech weapons and Western allies launched military operations in Yemen, Saba Jallas, a young Yemeni artist, was devastated by how quickly all of it came down. She decided to transform images of the war into inspiring messages of hope.

Jallas, like every other Yemeni, spent a huge amount of time trying to battle with the emotions of seeing her friends and family in tragedy. She longed for any possible ray of silver lightning to get rid of the horrible destructive scenes around her.

Ultimately, she found inspiration from a group of Palestinian artists who transformed smoke-filled Gaza into symbols and messages of resistance. She decided to make a Facebook page, hiding her exact location and using her smart phone to draw her own messages in pictures of explosions and smoke from buildings in Yemen. The images depicted the destruction in Yemen as images of hope and peace. 

"I've always been an optimist and a happy person but when the war started, it shook me," Jallas says.

According to estimates nearly 6,000 people have been killed, nearly half of them civilians.

In one picture the young artist  changed an injured young girl with flowers around her head and made her smile, despite the pain and the agony of the child.

 “Thank you, in the future. Your drawings inspire hope and optimism,” said one commenter on Facebook.

"There's a lesson for us to learn from all that is happening in Yemen. We need to learn to accept our differences," she says. "When we lifted our weapons and threw out beauty and art, this was the result."

The majority of Jallas’ drawing are women embracing children and some are of children playing happily with toys or flowers.


The Yemenis don’t have any fuel for electricity and airplanes destroyed their Tv stations. But in the midst of all this tragedy, they are still holding on to hope for a brighter future and better tomorrow.

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