School Apologizes After Backlash For Homophobic Test Question

Royal Grammar School in Buckinghamshire apologized after receiving backlash for a retired teacher’s math test containing a homophobic anecdote.

School should be a place where students feel safe. For students at Royal Grammar School in High Wycombe, England, this is not the case.

Earlier this week, students attending the all-boys school were given a math test that contained eight challenging teasers. A picture was posted of the test and the photo went viral, but not for its difficult problems.

One of the questions on the test was, “If in a town 70% of the men are married to 90% of the women (and each marriage is between one man and one woman, as God intended when he made humans male and female) what percentage of the adult population are married?”

The completely inappropriate and homophobic commentprompted some students to report the test to other staff members.

Head teacher Philip Wayne acted quickly, withdrawing the test from the department and making sure that the teacher who wrote the test — a retired educator who volunteers at the school — would not be returning. “He will not be returning to RGS. Staff are expected to abide by the teachers’ standards if they’re on the payroll or not.”  

Wayne also apologized and said, “I’m sorry on behalf of the whole school community of governors, staff, and boys for any offense this has caused.”

Many have praised Wayne for his quick response to the situation, but have also criticized the school for letting the incident occur in the first place.

As Matt Horwood, senior communications office at LGBT rights charity Stonewall said, “It’s encouraging to see that this incident was dealt with as soon as it was raised, but demonstrates how important it is for staff to be equipped to prevent and tackle LGBT discrimination in all of its forms.”

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