Has China Found The Best Way To Crack Down On Cheating?

A school in China has come up with a hilarious (or is it brilliant?) solution to ensure no cheating takes place during examinations.

Taking a peek into neighbor’s paper during an exam for answers or at least a clue is a habit which is hard to control for invigilators.

However, a school in China's Anhui province has adopted an anti-cheating method which makes it impossible for students to cheat or even take a slight peek into other’s papers.

Teachers and invigilators find it difficult to manage a class over 40-50 students and it is not possible to look at all students.  So the school requires students to wear newspaper hats during an exam.

The teachers cut out skull-sized hats and makes students wear them while taking an exam. The method, which is 100 per cent unique, the school says is very effective.

Photos of 40 students taking an exam while donning this latest anti-cheating method went viral on social media recently.


People on social media are divided in their opinion of the smartness of the idea.

 While some say it’s a clever idea, others have slammed the school saying it is insulting since it makes the students look ridiculous.  In China, exams like the yearly gaokao are extremely important for a student’s future, leading many to try and cheat.

Another middle school in China made students take their exam in the presence of dense smog, perhaps making it the most effective anti-cheating method so far:


The high-tech method of using drones to prevent students from cheating has also been used by education authorities in China.

Schools in China have been cracking down hard on cheating by using methods such as drones and binoculars to keep a watch on students and even holding exams outside in the field. This quirky yet effective way of newspaper hats may help curb rampant cheating during exams.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Aly Song

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