Scientists Dissolve Everyday Objects In Acid, But One Item Survives

All of the items fizzed and disappeared, except one. And that one substance surprised everyone - and rightly so.

There's a YouTube Channel by the name of "Chemistry Flicks" that gets its kicks by destroying everyday objects in chlorosulphonic acid.

They've snuffed out everyday items, like fruits, meat, a lab coat, a phone and even chocolate, all in the name of science.

All of the elements ended up blotted out except one. And that one substance surprised everyone.

First up was a banana. This is how a banana reacts with acid and it didn’t end too well.

The lab coat is a staple in all chemistry labs, protecting you from harmful chemicals that might fly and spill but even your lab coat isn't safe from getting chemically burned.

Most people will stick with the grill after watching what acid does to a chicken breast.

And this is how chlorosulfonic acid eats away a Nexus 5 — slowly...

But there's one substance that didn’t appear to be even slightly damaged by the acid and that was...

Yes, chocolate!

After watching how chocolate survived, most people took to social media and suggested that the lab coats should now be made out of chocolate to which one team member of the channel replied, “It would definitely make science more delicious! Probably sticky too.”

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