How Did He Miss It? Scooter Rider Plunges Into Giant Sinkhole In China

The man was miraculously unhurt despite the significant fall into the massive sinkhole.

A giant sinkhole suddenly opened up on a road in Beihai, China, and swallowed an oblivious man who was riding a disability scooter.

The man, who remains unknown, dived right into the sinkhole, which is believed to be 32 feet wide and 6 feet deep. He was unable to stop right on time. Luckily, he only suffered minor injuries.

The video shows the sudden formation of a sinkhole and after a few seconds a man driving a scooter emerges in high speed. He falls right inside the hole along with his scooter. As people rushed toward him to rescue him, he emerged from the sinkhole himself, almost unhurt.

The man reportedly was using his mobile phone, which is why he was unable to see the giant sinkhole. Hopefully, this incident will serve as a lesson to many who use mobile phones while driving.

Last year, a massive sinkhole opened on a residential street in southeast London, partially swallowing a car. Luckily nobody was injured from the incident, but 25-year-old Cleo O'Kane, who lived on the same street, said she “heard a loud bang” and “thought it was thunder” since it was raining so much. 

Every now and then, the news of a sinkhole opening up comes into the limelight. But how do sinkholes form?

There are two types of sinkholes: A cover-subsidence sinkhole, one that occurs over time, and a cover-collapse sinkhole, one that occurs suddenly. The latter is usually what causes damage and takes people by surprise, because it often gives no warning signs.

A sinkhole occurs due to erosion and the drainage of water. Initially, small cracks may appear on a road or surface and voids underneath the surface are hollowed out by water erosion. As the ground weakens over time, the earth eventually caves in and results in the creation of a sinkhole.

The deepest sinkhole in the world is the Xiaozhai tiankeng in China, which is 662 meters deep and 626 meters wide. Sima Humboldt in Bolivia, which is 314 meters, is another of the most notable sinkholes.


Thumbnail Credits: Reuters, Pavel Rebrov

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