Quick-Thinking Guard Averts Robbery By Locking Thieves Out Of The Bank

A security guard displayed an amazing act of quick thinking by locking robbers out of the bank and saving the bank from a robbery.

A security guard is being hailed as a hero after he prevented a robbery at a bank in Guadalajara, western Mexico.

CCTV footage captured the moment three masked robbers tried to enter Banorte bank. However, the security guard was attentive enough and immediately realized the threat the men posed to the bank.

The footage shows that as the masked men reach the door, the guard immediately locks the door, leaving the robbers helplessly on the other side.

At first the men looked surprised and tried to open the door. However, when they were unable to do so, they looked at each other in shock and quickly run out of the building.

The robbers left empty-handed and all bank employees and patrons were unharmed.

As soon as the video was uploaded on social media, it immediately went viral. In the initial hours, it attracted more than 246,000 views.

People on social media lauded the guard for his quick thinking and also appreciated the way he stayed calm and averted during what could have been a horrible situation.  

“Give that man a raise,” said one commenter.

Another said, “Sometimes heroes have no cloak, but a key.”

“Bravo to the quick thinking smart security guard!!!!” wrote another.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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