Crowd Goes Nuts After Epic Takedown Of Shirtless Pranksters

A couple of unknown streakers paid the price in a big way after running into no-funny-business employees at the New York Jets football game Dec. 5.

Nothing screams "I need attention" more than topless streaking at a sporting event. Spectators roll their eyes; the show's over in a matter of five seconds, and the perpetrators are all but forgotten.

This particular streaking incident, however, had an incredibly memorable ending. 

On Dec. 5, the New York Jets versed the Indianapolis Colts, and the latter was winning 41-3 against the former in the third quarter, the Huffington Post reports

That's when the unidentified streakers entered the field, leaving their shirts (and dignity) behind. They were quickly blocked, however, by heroic personnel: a security guard and New Jersey state trooper, specifically. See the video, posted by an observer to Twitter:

Loudest cheer, indeed.

The Twittersphere was just as excited by the confrontation as the actual fans at the game. 

The Jets may have lost 41-10, but viewers were given quite a show nonetheless.

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @mykalmphoto

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