See The Moment A Man Tries To Extinguish Olympic Torch And Fails

A Brazilian man with a fire extinguisher followed alongside runners carrying the Olympic torch and made an unsuccessful attempt at blowing out the flame.

olympic torch

The Rio de Janeiro Olympics are quickly approaching, despite controversy surrounding Zika virus scares and political turmoil.

Fans and athletes are gearing up with excitement, but a strange incident that occurred during a torch relay on Wednesday night may be foreshadowing trouble ahead.

As the torch was passing through Joinville, a random man decided to try and blow out the coveted Olympic torch with a fire extinguisher. 

While his motives behind the stunt are unclear, the attempt failed. The flame stayed lit, and the unnamed man was instantly tackled to the ground by security.

This could have very well been a political statement — considering residents of Rio are none too thrilled about the games being held there.

Police officers and firefighters actually organized a demonstration recently in which they held up banners that read, “Welcome to hell” to greet tourists at the Rio airport.

The banner raised fears surrounding safety as it also read: “Police and firefighters don’t get paid, whoever comes to Rio De Janeiro will not be safe.”

While the video footage that captures the man failing to extinguish the torch is humorous, the length that residents are going to sabotage the Olympic Games is very serious. Incidents like this are likely to continue through August. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, Alkis Konstantinidis

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