See This Child Refugee's Selfless Message To Brussels

A young refugee boy was photographed holding a sign that expresses sympathy and compassion for the victims of Tuesday's devastating Brussels attacks.


A photo of a young refugee boy holding up a sign with three powerful words is going viral following the terrorist attacks that devastated Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday.

The boy’s sign simply reads: “Sorry For Brussels”

The significance of this image is the fact that this boy felt compelled to express sympathy for the victims of these heinous acts while enduring his own tragic circumstance.

According to Buzzfeed, the boy is among 10,500 refugees at the Idomeni makeshift camp at the Greek-Macedonian border.

While children around him are battling scabies and influenza, among other afflictions, he chose to take a moment to demonstrate solidarity with Brussels.

The refugees based at the camp are calling for the opening of the border which was closed after European Union leaders — headquartered in Brussels — agreed to begin sending refugees back to Turkey.

It is touching that despite this boy’s hardships, he holds no animosity toward one of the Western countries that tends to treat his people like castaways.

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Regardless of shady politics and Islamophobia, this child recognizes that innocent people did not deserve to be hurt and his compassion toward the victims and the city resonates with many who are stricken with grief following these horrific events.

Banner Photo Credit: Reuters 

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