Ivanka Trump Avoiding A Hug From Marco Rubio Is Definition Of Awkward

“Marco Rubio and Ivanka hug like a divorced couple who absolutely despise each other but pretend to be friendly in front of their kids.”

First daughter and adviser to the president Ivanka Trump met with a group of lawmakers on the Capitol Hill to talk about "pro-family tax reforms,” including a child tax credit.

Former presidential candidate and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio reportedly called the meeting to discuss Trump's proposal for a federal paid family leave program that aims to grant families six weeks paid leave, according to CNN.

Reporters were not allowed inside the conference, but cameras captured a significant moment after Rubio and Trump exited the meeting and the Republican senator went in for a hug — a hug that echoed across the social media as possibly one the most cringeworthy moments in the history of Capitol Hill.

Associated Press congressional reporter Erica Werner was the first one to tweet the photo.

To be honest, if the look on Trump’s face and her body language is anything to go by, the awkward semi-embrace should not be classified as a “hug” at all.

The expressions on this man’s face said it all:

Given that there is no video evidence of the incident and the photo was caught mid-action — though Trump doesn’t seem too excited — it's almost impossible to tell if the now-viral picture is fair to the hug.

Whatever the case might be, the internet had a great time turning Rubio, whose most significant achievement to date is making fun of President Donald Trump’s hands during his election campaign, into a meme.


Meanwhile, Rubio tried to recover from his failed hug by poking fun at himself.

Ivanka Trump joined in as well.

Well, the photo of their “alleged failed hug” does not look too fake, to be honest.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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