Lost Dog Finally Home After Spending 9 Months In The Idaho Mountains

A 12-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever lost half her body weight while in the Idaho mountains. She was reunited with her owners after being missing for months.

About nine months ago, Darwin and Cindy Cameron took their Chesapeake Bay retriever, Mo, on a hunting trip about an hour's drive from home.

The 12-year-old pup, who’s a retired hunting dog herself, usually enjoyed the comforts of the Cameron’s camper while they were out. However, on that particular day, she escaped when she realized her dad wasn't with the group that returned. When Mo’s owners realized she was gone, they spent the next few months searching for their elderly dog, the Idaho Statesman reported.

Family members, other hunters, and even the local sheriff’s office came out to search for Mo, too, but it appeared that she had gone into the mountains and completely vanished.

They decided to stay in the area for a few months in hopes that their dog would return, but after the brutal winter, record snowfalls, and only one possible sighting of a dog matching Mo's description, they painfully faced the fact that they might never see her again. They returned to Boise.

A few months later, Cheri Glanker, a local dog rescuer, took in an elderly pup who had stumbled onto a nearby ranch. Poor Mo was flea-ridden and malnourished, but Glanker was determined to heal her, and above all, find her family. She took to social media and received an instant response.

Many people made the connection between the rescued dog and Mo, but after so many months of disappointment, the Camerons were hesitant to believe she was the real deal. Glanker encouraged them to come out, and they agreed in hopes of getting their dog back.

When they arrived, Mo was still in survival mode, but it wasn’t long before she made her way into Cindy’s lap and sat right on Darwin’s feet — a habit she was known for. The family shared a tearful reunion.

"The sheriff’s office, the hunters who set aside their tags and their hunting trips to help look for a lost dog," Darwin Cameron said. "Boy, we’re blessed to have her back."

What a survivor. 

According to PalmBeachPost.com, Glanker said, "[Mo] didn't give up on them and they didn't give up on her."

In admiration of Mo’s amazing story, Glanker has future plans to head up an entire new rescue group called "Legend of the Paws."

We're so glad Mo made it home, and we hope the family enjoys all the time they have left together.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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