Family Stiffs Server On Tip Because Of Her LGBT Equality Tattoo

A server at Buffalo Wild Wings was denied a tip by a Christian family for an exposed LGBT equality tattoo

Servers rely heavily on their tips since there’s no way they can live off their hourly wages, and when they get stiffed by their customers, well, it’s down right infuriating.

However, getting stiffed by a patron for discriminatory reasons is just on a whole other level of anguish.

A waitress at Buffalo Wing Wings in Rockford, Illinois, last week waited on a family that spent $60.55 at the chicken wing chain and decided to skip out without even leaving a tip. Despite the fact that while serving the family, Samantha Heaton’s sexuality or political stance was not brought up the entire time, this family took one look at Heaton’s rainbow tattoo and made the decision to criticize her for it.

The message that was left, instead of a tip on the merchant’s copy of the receipt read, “Can’t tip someone who doesn’t love Jesus! Bad tatoo [sic].”

In an interview with The River Rock Times, Heaton noted, “I went above and beyond for this couple, and for them to leave that [note] kind of hurt. Like, I have bills to pay too.”

Heaton’s co-worker immediately took to social media after snapping a picture of both the receipt and the tattoo to raise awareness that gay people are not Christ-hating atheists, and that anyone who is a part of or supports the LGBTQ community is not anti-Chrisitan.

Joelle Maish's post has since gone viral, and Twitter users have come to the defense of Heaton, letting everyone know that not even Jesus would deny this woman a tip.

Some users were stunned that this family would have the nerve to attack this server, and a few of them even made a point to let them know how wrong it was to even assume in the first place that her sexual orientation had anything to do with her tattoo. 

Twitter users have also tried sending money to both women, but they have insisted that neither of them want the tip money. They said they plan to donate any cash they receive. They only wanted to raise awareness about the cruel incident that happened at their place of business. 

It's great that people are taking a stand and letting the world know that this kind of behavior is not accepted.  

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