Quick-Thinking Station Worker Scares Away Robbers With Candy

A service station worker courageously scared away masked robbers by using an unlikely weapon.

An Australian service station worker is being hailed as a hero after bravely fighting off robbers.

The episode unfolded when a masked man tried entering a service station in New South Wales, Australia, wielding a metal bar.

That is when the brave employee thought of scaring the would-be intruder away by using an unlikely weapon: candy.

CCTV footage of the incident shows a black Hyundai i30 speeding up to the entrance at the service station, before a balaclava-clad figure emerges from the vehicle and tries to enter the store.

The service station worker, standing near the door, quickly reaches out for a small bag of confectioneries and starts pelting the robber.

Soon, the robber can be seen fleeing in the gateway car, with two other men waiting for him.

Investigations into the dramatic incident are still underway. One employee told the police the driver had his face covered with something similar to a bandanna.

The offender with the metal bar was wearing a balaclava, black jumper and track pants, the employee said.

Meanwhile, the Central Hunter Detective inspector, Mitch Dubojski, said it was a reminder for businesses to be vigilant and take notice of unusual behavior.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Pixabay/LeoFra

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