Latina Seventh Grader’s Letter Describes How Trump Makes Her ‘Unsafe’

A junior high teacher shared one of his students' letters written about Donald Trump. Sadly, it’s a reflection about how unsafe she feels now.

In the days following Donald Trump’s election into presidential office, his supporters have increased their intimidation tactics, making an already unfriendly environment for minorities even worse.

Already the country has witnessed a spike in hate speech and race-based crimes from emboldened Trump supporters just with the residual effect of Trump’s aggressive campaign.

Now, young people are more concerned than before with what will happen to their friends and family.

Parents have been sharing the worries of their children as they react to the news of Trump’s approaching presidency. Being afraid of deportation, getting attacked, having a wall built, and going to war are just a handful of these concerns that parents have shared on social media.  

On Twitter, a teacher posted a letter written by one of his seventh grade students in which she discussed how she is scared of living as a woman of color during Trump’s presidency. The student explained how she feels “unsafe” now, whereas before she didn’t feel such a degree of intimidation.

In the letter, the Latina student wrote, “I’m extremely scared being a woman of color that the president of the country that I was born and live in, is making me feel unsafe when I don’t usually feel unsafe [sic].”

She continued, “[It’s] even scarier that this man who is now the president of the United States of America has said such rude, ignorant, and disrespectful things about women and all different types of people and is now in charge of our country. I want to feel safe in my country, but I no longer can feel safe.”

For those who think the public is being too dramatic in reaction to the threat of hate crimes, reading this letter written by a junior high student certainly captures the reality of worries which young people are facing today. Unfortunately, the country has reached such a low point of instability that youngsters fear for their safety while doing the most banal activities.

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