News Anchor Exposes Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster’s Trick On Live TV

The self-described Shaolin Kung Fu grandmaster had set up three separate concrete block structures to perform his trick – but the host ruined it.

Here’s an advice for entertainers planning to perform tricks on live television: please rehearse your act before the show to avoid national embarrassment.

One self-described Kung Fu grandmaster learned this lesson the hard way when a news anchor accidentally exposed his impressive trick during a live broadcast.

Anchor Steve Uyehara, of Hawaii News Now, invited Bruce Silva, who had lined up a number of large concrete slabs to show off his martial arts skills.

However, the performer, who wanted to wow the audience, was himself left shocked after Uyehara ruined his entire act.

“I'm going to break that concrete slab with that glass without breaking that glass,” Silva told Uyehara, before breaking a seemingly heavy slab merely by slipping his four fingers inside the glass placed on the concrete.

An impressed and over-enthusiastic Uyehara rushed towards the other slabs, pressing them hard to show his viewers how strong they were, but ended up breaking them, thereby accidentally revealing Silva’s trick.

Uyehara burst out laughing as Silva continued his performance.

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