Shocking Video Shows Police Officer Smashing Car Windscreen

The cop aggressively attacked the driver and smashed through his car window in a case of mistaken identity.

Police violence and brutality is not just limited to the United States — the entire world seems to be plagued by it.

The Metropolitan police in the United Kingdom will launch an investigation after dramatic footage of a uniformed officer attacking a car and smashing its window began making rounds on the internet.

The footage, shot in north London on Friday, appears to show a police officer repeatedly telling a man inside a car to exit the vehicle, adding: "You’re not allowed to drive it."

The clip, not verified independently, was shared on social media on Saturday and viewed more than 40,000 times.

The driver, who filmed the footage on his phone, can be heard saying "I've got a license. I've got insurance. You're smashing this for no reason."

The officer then apparently tried to cut a hole in the windscreen with his penknife, forcing the driver to leave the vehicle. Another officer then confronted the man.

When the driver asked what the problem was, the officer told him he is ‘"not allowed to drive."

A man who wanted to be referred to by just his first name, Leon, told the Press Association he was the driver and the person who filmed the footage.

When contacted about the footage, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said he was aware of it and was looking into it.

Leon, who said he spent the evening in the hospital because glass got his eyes, said it was "complete madness" and that he is "still in shock."

"Every time he smashed the glass, fragments of glass were just ricocheting in my face," he recalled. He believes it was a case of mistaken identity and described the policeman's actions as "a completely unlawful act."

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Rebecca Cook

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