Sinkhole Already Swallowed Two Homes And A Boat, And Is Still Growing

A terrifying and continuously growing sinkhole in Florida has already swallowed a boat, destroyed two homes, and prompted residents to evacuate.

A growing sinkhole in Florida has already swallowed up two homes and a boat as it continues to endanger residents.

Both families of the now-submerged homes were reported to be safe despite their belongings being buried beneath the ground. 

“For the most part, they've lost everything,” said Pasco County Rescue Fire Chief Shawn Whited.

He said he was completely stunned at how fast the sinkhole had grown in size.

“This is something we’ve never seen before,” he added. 

According to the Tampa Bay Times, at least 10 homes from the community have been evacuated. As a precaution, power has been shut off in about 100 homes in the area, and residents have been notified of the active sinkhole.

Kevin Guthrie, the assistant county administrator for public safety, stated to the newspaper, “If we need to come knock [on] your door, you need to be ready to go. The sinkhole is by no means stable.” 

The hole was initially the size of a swimming pool when 911 dispatchers got a phone call saying that a boat had fallen into a hole on Ocean Pines Drive in Land O’ Lakes. It has grown to 250 feet wide nearly taking up the whole street and appears to be moving toward a lake that’s close by. How frightening!

Authorities have reported that a sinkhole has been fixed before in this neighborhood, coincidentally at the same exact address where one of the houses was damaged.

While the dramatic footage is certainly a sight to see, this disaster is truly disheartening for all involved, and the terror only seems to be escalating.

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Flickr user U.S. Geological Survey

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