Siri Plays Matchmaker And Texts A Woman's Crush For Her

Not your average love story: A girl asked Siri for relationship advice and instantly regretted it when Siri actually texted the boy she was talking about.

Practically every modern-day technology user has felt the embarrassment of a butt dial or texting the wrong person. But one girl experienced Siri wanting to play matchmaker when her phone texted her crush for her.

iPhone users everywhere ask Siri silly questions, but when Ceci Mula decided to ask Siri her own question, things took a cringe-worthy turn. 

We always suspected our phones would turn on us one day. 

What's worse than accidentally texting your crush and then having to explain how it happened in the first place? Him never texting you back. 

Eventually, Mula received a text back, but definitely not the one she wanted.

Excuse us while we hide from the second-hand embarrassment.

Mula shared the experience on Twitter, and the post has since gone viral with over 550,000 likes and 110,000 of retweets. Even though Twitter fame may be a small consolation prize for her humiliation, it only made things worse when her tweet got its own Twitter moment — something that is displayed for all of the Twitterverse to see. 

Although her crush hasn't reached back out to her, the internet has joined together to send her their condolences. 

After what is a truly traumatic experience, Mula is able to laugh about the horrific debacle. 

Maybe next time, she'll be a bit more careful with what she asks Siri, who is clearly out to get her. 

Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters, Suzanne Plunkett

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