3 Sisters Were Diagnosed With Cancer Just Weeks Apart From Each Other

Three sisters from Utah have been diagnosed with cancer within weeks apart from one another, two of them have breast cancer while the other has angiosarcoma.

Imagine finding out you have cancer and having to tell your family about it, only to learn in return that your siblings also have cancer.

The Page sisters, Sharee, Annette, and Lindsay, have developed an even stronger sisterly bond after learning in a matter of weeks that all three of them have cancer.

Sharee Page was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer in April; two weeks later, Annette Page learned she had Stage III breast cancer. Two months prior, Lindsay Page’s angiosarcoma, cancer of the lining of the blood vessels, had returned, according to People.

After learning of her diagnosis along with her sisters, Lindsay was taken aback but also found hope, love, and a stronger connection between her and her siblings.

"It was hard to take, but we choose to be happy. It stinks that we're going through it, but at least we have each other for support. We're chemo buddies for each other," Lindsay said.

Along with the process of being treated for cancer comes the natural progression of losing your hair.

Recently, Annette helped shaved her sister Sharee’s head and documented it one of her many YouTube videos, showcasing her cancer journey.

The sisters have come to embrace their bald heads, even trying wigs on together and getting a good laugh of their twin-like bald resemblance.

"We call ourselves the bald sisters," Annette said. "When a guy shouts out the window to 'keep rocking that bald head,' we love that. Especially if they're also bald." 

The Page sisters all carry the Breast Cancer Inherited Genetic Mutations (BRCA2) gene and Annette plans on continuing to share hers and her sister’s journey through her viral videos on YouTube.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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