School Threatens To Suspend Sixth-Grader For His Haircut

A sixth-grader in Texas was told his haircut violated the school dress code and if he didn’t change it he would be suspended, so his mom got creative.

School dress codes are getting more ridiculous by the day.

In addition to seemingly modest clothing items being deemed inappropriate, unique hairstyles have also, apparently, come under scrutiny in some schools.

Sixth-grade student Xavier Davis was threatened with suspension because of a haircut that featured two tiny shaved lines on the side of his head. It is a subtle design that has become popular among many famous men, including soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, Cedar Bayou Junior High School in Baytown, Texas, was not accepting of the style, and last week, the administration told Davis to get rid of the look or else he’d be suspended.

"I was walking into class, and then she saw my hair and said, 'You can't have two lines in your hair. Go to the office,'" Davis told local reporters.

As Mic notes, the school’s official dress code states: “Letters, symbols and designs beyond a single straight line which draw attention to an individual shall not be permitted. ... The administrator/supervisor reserves the right to determine if a hairstyle is disruptive to the educational process.”

However, it’s baffling that the administration would consider Davis’ simple haircut “distracting.” If anything, by punishing Davis for his hair and creating this big hoopla, the school has inadvertently made it a disturbance.

Additionally, Davis’ father, Matt Davis, claimed that his son has been wearing the haircut for months before it ever became an issue.

"He's had his hair cut like this for six months and now all of a sudden it's a problem?" Davis’ dad questioned.

According to Mic, Davis’ mom found a clever way to fix her son’s hair by taking a permanent marker and coloring in one of the lines.

"He had a space here and a space there," Matt Davis said of his son’s haircut. "[His mother] took a Sharpie permanent marker and colored the bottom of his hair in, so in order for him to get an education, we have to treat his hair like a coloring book, I guess."

If the whole ordeal sounds preposterous, that’s because it is.

While the administration may argue that the school's dress code explicitly states only one line is acceptable and Davis violated that rule, threatening the kid with suspension — which would set him behind in class and stifle his education — doesn’t seem like a suitable punishment.

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