Mischievous 6-Year-Old Buys Dollhouse And Cookies With Amazon Echo

"I did not know [the Echo Dot] could order things," said Megan Neitzel, mother of a little girl who used the Amazon Echo Dot to make a couple of huge orders.

For such a small tech gadget, Amazon's Echo Dot is a hot new commodity that can do many things — play music, set alarms, read audiobooks, tell jokes, answer informational questions, report the weather, and order things on the web.

That last function proved to be a bit of a hassle for a Dallas family: Using the Echo Dot, Brooke Neitzel, 6, ordered a $160 Kidkraft Sparkle Mansion dollhouse and four pounds of cookies, CBS11 reports.

Apparently, Brooke had asked Alexa, "Can you play dollhouse with me and get me a dollhouse?"

Alexa confirmed the order, and the corresponding app shows that Brooke answered back, "I love you so much!" Pretty adorable. 

...Until her parents found out. 

"Christmas night, I got a notification, 'Your order has shipped.' And I thought, 'I haven't ordered anything today,'" Brooke's mom, Megan Neitzel, said to FOX4News. "I did not know [the Echo Dot] could order things."

Megan eventually figured out what had happened, but by that point, it was too late to cancel the orders. 

While the family has decided to keep the cookies (understandable), they will be donating the dollhouse.

“It’s Christmas-time," Neitzel said to CBS11. "Let's give it to someone who needs it. We are narrowing down the choices of who she would like to give it to."

Brooke isn't heartbroken over the matter — in fact, she's a commendably good sport about it.

"I already have a dollhouse," she said to FOX4News.

Since the incident, Brooke's parents have implemented a four-digit passcode required for purchases, so the Neitzels are no longer at risk for accidentally purchasing huge, expensive dollhouses or a few too many baked goods.

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