Skydivers Play A Quick Game Of Hand Tennis 13,000 Ft In The Air

They skydivers made the sport look incredibly easy with a smooth jump followed by a quick game of hand tennis before making their way to the ground.

While skydiving alone may appear to be a scary, adrenaline rush-inducing experience for most people, a magical video shot with a GoPro 13,000 feet above the earth shows two people take the adventure sport to a whole new.

The cameras attached to their helmets show two young men playing “hand tennis” mid-air, using the sky as their playing field as they came down at almost 150 miles per hour.

As the skydivers daringly jump out of the plane, one of them whips out a tennis ball and flings it towards the other. The two float around the ball as they hurl it towards one another. A sheet of clouds can be seen in the background with rays of sun peeping in, as the two men enjoy their game.

You might be wondering how the tennis ball didn’t fall to the ground with speed.

Well, a specially weighted ball had to be designed for the game by incorporating a small slit. The ball was then filled with lead or pennies to make it heavier, after which a streamer was attached to manipulate the fall rate.

Although the video makes skydiving look incredibly easy, unfortunately not everyone has the same luck. Recent footage that surfaced on the internet showed a wingsuit jumper live-stream his fatal skydive in the Swiss Alps.

Armin Schmieder took to Facebook live to show off his jump but instead plummeted to his death. The cause of the accident may have been due to equipment malfunction, but that remains unconfirmed.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Handout Photo 

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