Real Snake On A Plane Terrifies Passengers Mid-Air

An Aeromexico plane had to make an emergency landing to drop off a creepy crawly "passenger."

The flight from Torreon to Mexico City encountered a mysterious passenger sliding out from the overhead compartment.

Passenger identified as Indalecio Medina made a video of this unwanted passenger, a snake more than 3 feet in length.

“I was reading a magazine and the passenger next to me saw it and, ‘Oh my word!’” said Medina.

Passengers were scared but managed to unbuckle themselves before the slimy creature dropped down on to the floor.

"It was a frightening situation ... but people remained calm because it didn't get out of that space and nobody became hysterical," said Medina. "Some people got up to see what kind of reptile it was, but nobody got carried away."

Flight attendants quickly notified the pilot, who arranged for an emergency landing; animal control took the snake into its custody.


Aeromexico said it was investigating how the snake got into the cabin and would take measures to keep such an incident from happening again.

People on social media are still in disbelief but anything can happen in this wild, wild world!







Banner/thumbnail credit: REUTERS/Boeing/Handout via Reuters

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