Teenager Risks Falling To Death, Goes ‘Balcony Hopping’ For Snapchat

Security concerns alarmingly increased when a teenaged schoolgirl decided to celebrate the end of high school by attempting to drunkenly balcony hop several floors above ground.

A teen's incredible stupid decision to celebrate the end of high school by putting her life in danger is going viral. The video shows the girl drunkenly hopping from one balcony to the next at a hotel, several floors above ground. 

This horrific video surfaced on Snapchat and was aired by 7News later.

A friend recording the video can be heard saying, “This isn't going to be funny when she falls."

The unsettling video was allegedly filmed at the Beachcomber Resort. The resort had previously locked its balcony doors after two balcony deaths took place in 2012, but it reopened the doors in 2014.

Gold Coast Schoolies Advisory Group chairman Mark Reaburn said it was disappointing to see this "balcony mischief."

"Someone doing something incredibly stupid and goading someone to do that, it could be a decision that someone regrets for the rest of their days," he said.

"It is up to the kids to take responsibility for their own behavior."

Reaburn said up to 25,000 students will visit the area this year, mainly high school students celebrating the end of their high school careers. The event has a strong police presence.

Police arrested 11 teens for 17 offenses overnight, including eight counts of drug possession.

Gold Coast Schoolies

The local police issued a warning appealing the public to avoid such life threatening risks.


Chief Superintendent Terry Borland addressed a press conference in relation to the Gold Coast Schoolies shocking video.

"We are just here hoping and trusting that people make smart decisions because if you are going to hop from balcony to balcony and slip you might not hop again," he said.

"It is a high-risk activity and it is an offense."

A couple of years earlier two students were evicted from hotel rooms for climbing between high-arise apartments, but when students will learn how to party without risking their lives remains a matter of concern.

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