‘Trumpemon Go’ Catches The Rarest Creatures — Minorities At The RNC

The Pokemon Go craze has inspired a spin-off, Trumpemon Go, but playing it is much more challenging than finding rare Pokemons.

“Saturday Night Live”'s Michael Che went to the Republican National Convention to find the rarest of all creatures — and surprisingly, it’s not Pokemons.

America’s hottest new mobile app, “Trumpemon Go” lets you “catch the rarest creatures of them all — minorities at the RNC,” quips Che in the video.

After Che starts his game, a stout Trump character, complete with a devil’s tail, announces the objective: “Catch ‘em all, get 'em out of here” — a challenging quest considering the fact Donald Trump is getting almost zero support from African-American voters in Ohio.

Che considers it a personal victory each time he finds a member of a minority group.

He shakes his head happily as “an old black dude is caught,” and pumps his fist as “an Asian man is caught.” Other rare minorities that Che was successful in capturing were a black man with a selfie stick and a “cowbro.”

But apparently, only these paltry finds were not enough to get good scores in the game. Getting desperate, Che asks a woman if she has seen any minorities.

“I've seen some, I guess Hawaiians?” she says in a way that looked as if she was trying to convince herself.

“Everyone wants to keep their Trumpy minds to themselves ... But I’ma catch 'em,” says Che after a man simply walked away from his question.

Trumpemon Go isn’t the first thing to bring to attention the underwhelming representation of minorities in the Republican Party. Just a few days ago, House Speaker Paul Ryan posted a photo on Instagram boasting about having the most Capitol Hill interns in a single selfie. The problem? Almost all the interns in the photo appeared to be white.

The Democratic Party, in comparison, has done a better job of incorporating minorities into the political process. Democrats Sheila Jackson Lee and Xavier Becerra copied Ryan and posted photos of their own interns, demonstrating what a diverse staff should look like.

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