Having A Rough Day? These Social Media Fails Will Make You Feel Better

If you feel like your day just couldn’t get any worse, these epic social media fails will make you feel on top of your game.

Getting stuck in a traffic jam on the way to work or having an assignment eaten up by a dog can quickly ruin your day. But there’s always someone in a worse situation, and the man picture below is the perfect example.


People have gone to bizarre extents to get the perfect selfie. Some have even put themselves in the most dangerous situations to get a memorable picture. But imagine being in the shoes of this young man who simply wanted to take a photo with a bird, but instead got his eyelids pecked at.


I just spent way too much time on @fjamie013's feed when I should probably be working. I regret nothing.

A photo posted by Max Miller (@ruin_my_week) on


Pictures speak a thousand words, and seeing the misery of this girl who requested her photo be edited is sure to make anyone feel better about their life.

Who knew asking for a little favor could turn into such a disaster?



A video posted by @failsvids on


Needless to say, nobody in this girl's place would want to be caught on camera.


{mini edit 4 y'all!}??#fails #beach #funny #backtuck #ow #shorts #newyork

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One of the most hilarious yet unfortunate incidents took place with this woman, who was trying to show off her gymnastics skills but ended up sliding into the sand pit.

The above photo would bring tears to anyone’s eyes. Imagine looking forward to devouring an entire bowl of pasta all by yourself, only for it to spill all over the floor and become food for the cat.


This poor guy ended up getting pain all over the inside instead of his car when the lids on the buckets came off. Guess he’ll be fine with the existing color for the next few years, at least.

The misery doesn’t end here. Hundreds of similar videos and photos can be found all over social media, where people trying to flaunt their cars have ended up in a crash, or someone anxiously looking forward to their flight has had to run onto the runway to chase the plane and still was unable to get on.

Here are a few other examples:



#hownottosquat #epicfail #bailout #tryagainnextweek #didthistwice #doyoueven

A video posted by Jenni Toovey (@jenni2v) on



#mirrorselfie #epicfail with my #forever #escort @rhy131 ???????? #latepost

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